Gourmets of Wine > 1994 Zind Humbrecht "Heimbourg" Gewurztraminer Vendange Tardive, Turkheim, Alsace

[Vinography: a wine blog] The father and son operation has been in existence since 1959 when the marriage of the Zind and Humbrecht families brought together a passion for winemaking and some of the best land in Alsace under one roof. Leonard Humbrecht and his son Olivier (notable for being France's first Master of Wine) churn out a staggering number and variety of wines of exceptional quality from their various Grand Cru and name designated vineyards.

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[Margaritasandmadhatters.com] Tea Time » Blog Archive » 2001 Domaine Zind Humbrecht Clos ...: I also found that the domaine was created when Leonard Humbrecht married Geneviève Zind in 1959, and the vineyards of the two families were united. They create expressive, powerful wines that reflect their terroirs.

[Obsessionwithfood.com] An Obsession with Food: 04.2003: As the designated wine snob in our corner of the table, Iordered us a bottle of the Zind-Humbrecht 2000 Riesling from Alsace. Not knowing what the food wasgoing to be like, I opted for a wine that I thought would complement the spicier fare, and Zind-Humbrechtis a reliable producer.

[Vinography.com] Vinography: a wine blog: April 2005 Archives: The switch from ranching to winemaking wasn't an easy nor expected move for the family, and largely came at the urging of daughter Courtney, who landed on the idea after spending some time consulting for the wine industry with Deloitte and Touche after her graduation from business school in the US. When she brought the idea to her family, they initially dismissed it as another "cheddar cheese" venture, referencing her grandfathers infamous failed attempts to create a Chilean version of the American staple, and invoking what has become a family warning against overzealous entrepreneurism.

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