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http://www.vinography.com [Vinography: A Wine Blog] He's got a long background in wine sales, and has lots of connections to wineries as a result. Over the years he heard many times from winemakers who had multiple barrels of finished wine that they couldn't sell for some reason -- either there was no demand in the marketplace for it, or for some reason the winery ended up with more wine than they wanted.

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[Mondosapore.com] mondosapore: When I met young Marco of Estate Bottled last week, I was struck again by the differences between the old and the new style Italians in New York. At In Vino and Perbacco, as at Assenzio and a host of other terrific restaurants and wine bars all over Manhattan, the young proprietors are Italians from Italy--but not the South, and their names aren't all Tony and Guido. 

Drvino.com[Drvino.com] Dr. Vino -- wine picks and politics: Uncorked: Mark Fisher, staff writer for the Dayton Daily News, discovered something awry with a wine at his local Trader Joe's in December 2005, blogged about it, and the chain recalled the wine nationally. The power of the blog.

[Yanksfan vs Soxfan] Lost Weekend: Ramblings: I was awol this past weekend, wandering through the dry foothills of Sonoma County, playing pretend connoisseur at wineries along the road, splashing like a toddler in my future parents'-in-law pool. I was the protagonist of John Cheever's "The Swimmer": drunk, at peace, and totally in denial of the grave reality around me.

[Alex Hopmann's Web Site / Blog] Wine- Touring Yamhill Valley, OR: I'm spending the beginning of this week touring around Oregon's Willamette valley, specifically Yamhill country near McMinnville and Newberg. This area specializes in Pinot Noir which is a grape that I've continued to have a hard time "getting".

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