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[LENNDEVOURS] I will be popping in over the weekend long enough to announce Wine Blogging Wednesday #12...because I'm hosting. I think many of you will enjoy my theme...stay tuned.

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[An Obsession with Food] WBW 4: The Round-up: We started with this one for two reasons.  One, it was the only one we had cold.  And two, it was likely to be the driest...was assuming going dry to sweet would be the way to go.  Both Phil and I really enjoyed this Riesling.  Vibrant floral nose, light and minerally on the tongue.  Very enjoyable wine.  Went well with the sushi platter we polished off, though as the wasabi kicked in, there was some conflict on the finish.  Neither of us minded this effect, and we both found it interesting...but not sure if it's desirable to the general public.  May be that you need more sweetness to fight off the spice.  Who knows?

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