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[PALATE PRESS] All the wines tasted were received as free media samples. We opened sixty different bottles and everybody was free to wander, write notes, and rate as they went along.

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[BootsnAll Travel Articles] Tasting the Delights of Eger - Eger, Hungary | BootsnAll Travel ...: It is also very common for day-trippers from Budapest to stock up their wine cellars with Bikavér or as was the case with these two girls who were in Eger to purchase their wine for a forthcoming wedding. They were filling containers that looked like exactly like the ones you would see at the petrol station on a Saturday morning for mixing two stroke lawn mower petrol.

[The Heavy Table] The Reluctant Wine Snob « The Heavy Table: DREHMEL: Well, you’re completely right, most wines out there are very one-dimensional with nothing but alcohol and one big Kool-Aid Man punching you in the face saying “Oh Yeah!” Technology is so good on some of these cheaper wines where that there’s not much change from vintage to vintage because of what’s happening in the winery.

[TheTyee.ca] The Tyee ”” The Dirt on Organic Wines: I experienced many of these aspects first-hand as owner / winemaker at Hainle Vineyards (mentioned above in the article) -- we were the first winery in Canada to gain organic certification not only for our vineyards, but also for wine. Unfortunately, at about the time that my family's winery sold to new owners, the organic certification lapsed, and was difficult to re-attain, mainly due to a new prohibition on treated vineyard posts.

[dr.com - Restaurants and Dining] Evening Star Cafe, Del Ray - www.DonRockwell.com: When there's a large party seated - especially in a special section of a restaurant that usually doesn't get seated like Planet Wine or a private dining room - that server is typically on duty that night to just take care of that table (which also takes considerably longer than a regular 4-top would). If they get stiffed because the diners can't do the math correctly or they're really cheap, that server worked a full shift for pennies.

[Northern Virginia Magazine] Farm Fresh | Northern Virginia Magazine: Baskets of crusty, sour dough-like pub bread (produced by an artisan baker in Maryland but “finished” in the Hunter’s Head ovens) flanked by tins of sweet cream butter prove hard to resist””even for veteran staff. “It reminds me every morning, when I try to put on my pants, how much I really like this bread,” one bartender sheepishly admitted while rubbing his round belly.

[Beers of the World Blog: latest updates | United Nations of Beer] Review your favourite beer and win GREAT PRIZES!: "Damned to wander in obscurity, such is his fate for being different." And thus, the label on La Grimousse beer starts on its .Great Lakes Winter Ale Not rated yet.

[The Comics Curmudgeon] The Comics Curmudgeon » Blog Archive » Metapost: ULTRA POST: Right about this minute, Amber and Josh are sitting in a nice little taverna, drinking a rough red wine and eating something really delicious, looking out across the blue Agean and the sunny Greek landscape, savoring their brand new marriage. ...

[politicalbetting.com] politicalbetting.com » Blog Archive » ICM data: Just 63pc of Blair ...: Cameron's lack of a sure touch sees his soufflé suddenly deflate whereas Brown enjoys an unquantified “small recovery”: similar perhaps to the bounce of a deflated soufflé when dropped to a ....

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