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[My Wine Education] WBW #22 Roundup has been posted. It's an interesting read-through, and definitely worth clicking on those links to go learn more about reds that are low in alcohol.

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http://winecamp.squarespace.com  Wine Camp Blog: A Points-Free Zone - Journal: I believe the current addiction to the 100 point scale pulls many consumers away from wines with grace, complexity and a true sense of place. It is my hope to bring together a group of alternative voices and to promote knowledge of winemakers dedicated to a vision not driven by points in some wine guide. (via Cosmos)

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Freshcatering.blogspot.comhttp://freshcatering.blogspot.com [Freshcatering.blogspot.com] Fresh Approach Cooking: Wine Blog Wednesday: Upon tasting, it is a fully developed, bone dry wine, with an outstandingly pronounced yeastiness, full, rich and almost creamy mouth feel and a hint of sweet berries. It could not have been a better compliment to the ahi tuna tartare we were eating, being refreshing and crisp at the same time, cutting the richness of the fish and balancing the heat of the radish sprouts.

Gastronomie-sf.com[Gastronomie-sf.com] Gastronomie: Wine & Spirits: In the past few years, more effort has gone into making fine wines, and I personally think the Casa Castillo is the best value out there at under $15. (Side note: After doing more research, I learned that the replantings are actually due to a bout of phylloxera that hit the region in the late 1980s.

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