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[Vinography: a wine blog] Beau has posted his roundup of WineBloggingWednesday #11, Off-Dry Wines for the reading pleasure of all. Check out the list of 24 different wines with a little bit to a lot of residual sugar.

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http://becksposhnosh.blogspot.com [Becks & Posh] 2003 Vintage Coonawarra Majella Sparkling Shiraz: Since Beau metioned Shiraz amongst the list of acceptable wines for this assignment, I decided it was a great time to try one of the wines I had read about in an intriguing San Francisco Chronicle article about sparkling reds.

[Lennthompson.typepad.com] LENNDEVOURS: Proposal for a Wine Blogging Day: It must come from a New World wine nation that isn't the U.S., which leaves you places such as Australia, Argentina, New Zealand and Chile. Once you drink the wine (hopefully with friends!() you should post a picture of the bottle/label and write a little blurb with your impressions of the wine, what food you either did or would pair with it and, if possible, post an "official" tasting note for the wine.

Spittoon.biz[Spittoon.biz] Spittoon - Wine Blogging Wednesday #7 - the Write-Up Part 1: Although its called Wine Blogging WEDNESDAY contributions started arriving several days before the 9th - pro-active Barbara receives bonus points for being the first off the block reporting on her Winos and Foodies site about the Morris Durif 2000 from the Mornington Peninsula, Australia. The wine managed to ”˜spike her interest’ in the variety and she is off to find a de Bortoli version.

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