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De Long Wine Moment » Blog Archive » Wine Vigilantes (#)

„SONOMA, California (March 20, 2006)”The Wine Patrol, a beloved fixture of Wine Country in the 1990s, has remerged to lead the fight against high-priced wine in restaurants. The Wine Patrol was notorious for bringing a sense of humor to the wine business and pulling wonderful stunts like hijacking the Napa Valley Wine Train ...“ - Cached

Plate of the Day Food Blog - Night Train Brass Monkey Alize’ Street Wine Alcohol Reviews Info (#)

„One interesting note about Night Train is that it specifically states on the bottle to Serve very cold . I guess this is to ensure that you don’t taste the vile aftertaste of the cheap wine (it is definitely more “palatable” cold than warm) I would never recommend anyone to drink Night Train at room temperature for sure. Doesn’t it look great next to the Tabasco and Kraft Mayo?“ - Cached

Chile Travel Guide » Wine Train (#)

„The two main vineyards are Cousino Macul and Concha y Toro . Santiago also has an interesting Wine Train Program Tren del Vino ?, were you can have a cocktail and wines of the region on board .Luis and I havent had the pleasure of enjoying this tour YET, but we are sure we will have the oppurtunity very soon!“ - Cached

Proposal for a Wine Blogging Day (#)

„I'm a little late to the train on this announcement, but in case you haven't heard it elsewhere, our monthly virtual wine tasting event, Wine Blogging Wednesday, will be happening in its 8th incarnation on Wednesday, April 13th, in the form of WBW8: Si... [Read More] “ proposal_for_a_.html - Cached

Found at a page of LENNDEVOURS, posted on 2004/07/27

wine « piran cafĂ© (#)

„If you find yourself with some time to kill at Koper’s train/bus station, don’t waste your time on a nap at the sleepy station when you can take a little stroll over to a winery instead. “ - Cached

Wine and Winery Related Travel Resources (#)

Wine Tasting on the Heartland Flyer - passenger train from Oklahoma City, OK to Ft. Worth, TX“ - Cached

A New Category: Older Vintages (#)

„Second and most importantly, the winery is owned and operated by the Piña Family, a name that will turn the head of anyone who is reasonably involved in growing grapes in Napa. In the current generation, the Piña Family, through their firm Pińa Vineyard Management are responsible for farming some of Napa's most prestigious vineyards (Bryant, “ index.html#001455 - Cached

Found at a page of alder, posted on 2005/06/24

With Wine Press...Squeeze the Data not the Grapes...Get the Best Wine Picks (#)

„Related Stories: A Ride on the Little Yellow Train and Witches and Wizards, Halloween and Wine with_wine_press.html - Cached

Found at a page of serge the concierge, posted on 2007/01/29

Vivi's Wine Journal: July 2005 (#)

„OK, now this is odd.  I am actually a huge health nut ever since the day I found out how high my cholesterol was about a year ago.  After researching I decided to do the very California thing (seeing as how I’m from NY) and I went to the Tempus Clinic , a place that specialized in metabolism and metabolic health ...“ index.html - Cached

Warwick Wine Blog (#)

„Pennsylvania, New York and Illinois - the train continues rolling!“ anyone-seen-our-barrels-we-lost-few.html - Cached




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